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Why Live Streaming is Important for your Brand

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Live Streaming has been around for 20 years, but it's not until recently that it has really become popular. Many of us like myself were dabbling with live streaming platforms well before Coivid-19 left us stranded in our homes. For many people the thought of being on camera LIVE in front of an audience is terrifying. I agree, but let me tell you a few reasons why overcoming that fear and adopting live streaming for your small business or brand is a powerful tool.


The authenticity of your live stream will allow your viewers to connect and identify with you on a whole new level. So many things can go wrong, from a simple mistake to a child or dog walking into the camera shot. Viewers can feel what you are feeling and in most cases share a good laugh about the silly errors. You instantly become relatable and likable. People want to purchase from, follow, and support individuals that they like. I know that I have made buying decisions based on the relationship I built with a sales person or brand representative. You may have more to offer your viewers that you realize... let them see who you are, let them have a chance to make a deeper connection with you.


We all hold a device in our hands that allows us to watch the content that we want at anytime and anywhere. Smart phones are an amazing vessel to reach your viewers. Live streaming has given you the ability to keep your viewers informed and up to date in real time. It has given them the power to be in control of when they want to watch. Whether you are sharing a product that was just released or just doing a live question and answer session for your viewers they now have the option to join in and participate or watch later when they have a moment. Live Streaming is slowly replacing live TV because of this convenient feature...even your local and nation news networks are adding this to their teams daily coverage. Viewers no longer need to wait until a set time to get the information they want... they are in control!


My favorite and the most important reason Live Streaming so important is the high level of engagement that it allows you to have with your viewers. No other platform or marketing strategy can offer the opportunity for the viewers and the person presenting to interact. This is where the real magic happens and everyone learn about your target market and they get the chance to connect with you on a more personal level. You have really created a powerful community when the viewers begin the interact with one another in a positive way during your live stream. It becomes something more than any other marketing tool you can image. Don't fear live streaming, just start at the basic level and watch your brand flourish.


Many platforms today favor live content. If you "go live" your followers or subscribers will instantly be notified, plus live videos are top on many search inquires. Your live content can also be shared by your viewers reaching even more potential leads. My last livestream was shared be viewers who had family members around the world. When you see people commenting that they are tuning in from Spain and England you realize the power of live streaming. This is a tool that any personal brand or small business can add to their marketing plan on a limited budget while still bring fantastic results. If you are still on the fence, fearful, or don't believe live streaming can benefit you, please stay tuned for more information and reasons why you should start today. Live Streaming is the fastest growing industry and is expected to be worth more than 70 billion dollars by 2021!

Please Subscribe the my YouTube Channel as I continue to share information that can help you with your live streaming. I will share tips and things I have learned in my own quest to perfect a quality live stream for my clients.

If you need any help getting started, please reach out so we can schedule a consultation.


Sammy Jo Feenburg

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